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  • Marzipan with spices
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    Marzipan with spices

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    Almonds were a favorite food in medieval times. At that time, it was only the food of the privileged few. Today it is one of Norway’s favorite sweets, especially popular around Christmas time. If you haven’t tasted homemade marzipan, you are in for a treat!

    Here I have flavored and colored the marzipan with different spices.


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      Prepare a syrup by heating up the sugar and water. Place 2/3 of the almonds in a powerful blender. Pour in the syrup a bit at a time. Use a narrow wooden spoon to push the mixture down inside the blender in order to ensure that everything gets well blended. Take great care when doing this. Crush the rest of the almonds and plum stones using a mortar. Mix everything together.

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      Fry the marzipan mixture quickly in a pan in order to bring out the taste. Carefully wrap the marzipan in foil and keep it in a cool place for 24 hours.

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      Roll out the cooled marzipan to create marzipan balls. Sprinkle the various spices over a plate and roll the marzipan balls in them.

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