One of the natural wonders of the world

The classic mountain station is situated just above Lake TorneTräsk in Swedish Lapland and is the main accommodation centre in the Abisko National Park. It has recently been renovated and there is now a bar and restaurant overlooking the lake.

Some people use the mountain station as a base and make day excursions, others use it as a start or finishing point for the 264 miles long Kungsleden ”the King’s Trail”, one of Sweden’s best known skiing and hiking routes, passing through some of Sweden’s most spectacular scenery.

In summer, Abisko is a mecca for mountain hikers. You can experience the Midnight Sun here, as the mountain station is situated 155 miles above the Arctic Circle and the sun never sets for two whole months in the summer. You can pitch your tent anywhere, but Kungsleden has both manned and unmanned mountain cabins where you can stay along the route, which means you don’t have to carry a tent and supplies if you don’t want to.

During the winter you can choose among such excursions as husky-dog rides, cross-country skiing expeditions, telemark and ice-climbing. Even complete beginners can manage a 33 feet high frozen waterfall, an amazing experience, after just one day’s training. During the dark winter you also get a chance to see the awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that only occurs in the far north, the Northern Lights.

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