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Advertising – reach millions of food enthusiasts!

Our main focus so far has been on North America and China. However, the series is generating a strong viewer base in other countries as well.

Advertising and Sponsorship is the companion website to the Hit TV-series and brings a pre-qualified audience face-to-face with the advertiser. This webpage has proved a very popular site and is by far the most visited English-language page on Scandinavia and Scandinavian culture.

More InformationIf you are interested in online or on-air advertising or sponsorship opportunities, or any other information on business opportunities, please contact us.

An International AudienceOur ever growing distribution includes among others Public Television (APT) in the US, and on BBC Life, Raisat (Italy), Chinese television, YLE (Finland), and NDR (Germany).

Promotion of NewScandinavianCooking.comOur online home is promoted four times in every episode of the series. The website generates a big audience in a very affluent and internationally oriented segment.

All new ideas to spread our videos, articles, and recipes are highly appreciated! Good suggestions will be rewarded, send yours to today.