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Coffee culture in Scandinavia
The Scandinavian countries are present on several rankings on different subjects. Like happiness. Or gender equality. Or costs of living. But did you know, that the Scandinavian countries also dominate the list of the most coffee consuming countries? But why? The reasons are many and complex. The coffee consumption began to bloom as the taxes […]
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Scandinavian Food – What is it?
We asked you: "What do you consider to be the typical Scandinavian food?" We had over a hundred comments revealing a wide range of different perceptions about the traditions and tastes of Scandinavia.
How to make Swedish Donuts
See how Niklas prepares his Swedish Donuts! The full recipe is to be found here.  
Will Andreas be back?
15 years ago, early 2003, New Scandinavian Cooking debuted on PBS in the United States. Since then, 14 seasons have been produced and broadcasted in more than 130 other countries including the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy, and France. The viewership has been crazy high, with around 100 million per episode! Of course, this success has a […]
Norway – Yes please!
Gorgeous, genetically blessed Norway ranks among the upper echelons of the world’s not-to-be-missed destinations. The beauty of the rugged-beyond-repair glacier-carved fjords can silence even the most jaded travelers who’ve been wearing the “been there done that” t-shirt for years.
Norwegians’ relationship with coffee
The explanation of why coffee consumption in Norway – a modest country on the outskirts of Europe – is among the highest in the world per capita, is diverse and complex. One of the main reasons why this is so may well be that key players on the Norwegian coffee market have long focused on […]
Evergood’s position in Norway
In 2015, Evergood became the best-selling coffee brand in Norwegian stores, and more than 90 percent of all adult Norwegians are familiar with the Evergood brand name, clearly highlighting our coffee’s predominant position in Norway.
What’s special about coffee from Norway?
Oslo has witnessed a steady rise in what are known as “coffee tourists” from all parts of the world in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that Norwegian baristas have made their mark with top placings in international coffee championships.
New Scandinavian Cooking inducted in the Taste Hall of Fame
New Scandinavian Cooking has been inducted in the Taste Hall of Fame along with other big names, such as Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, and the Culinary Institute of America. This is the second class of Taste TV’s Hall of Fame, and inductees were selected based on either having received numerious Taste Awards and finalist nominations […]
Skien – The canal city and birthplace of Henrik Ibsen
Skien is the county capital of Telemark County in Norway. The city has around 50,000 inhabitants, and is beautifully situated between the two water reservoirs of Bryggevannet and Hjellevannet. The waterfront is an important part of the cityscape, which is a mixture of pedestrian streets, green areas and monumental buildings. Skien’s beautiful church with its […]