Castles of Sweden

Today the castles are used as both private and official residences, museums, conference centers and simply as tourist attractions.

In Skåne you will find as many as 350 castles and country estates, including Trolleholm Castle, a real fairy-tale castle that was restored in early Renaissance style in the 19th century.

The Lake Mälaren region is home to some 20 castles that are open to the public. Several private castles are open for sightseeing in the summer, and the Stockholm region has ten royal castles of which Drottningholm Palace and Kina slott (Chinese Pavilion) have been designated as World Heritage sights.

The West Coast has the Bohus Fortress with its mighty walls and murky dungeons while on the East Coast you should visit Borgholm Castle, a majestically impressive building that bears witness to the grandeur of bygone times.

The medieval Glimmingehus in Skåne, Skokloster Castle by Lake Mälaren with well-preserved surroundings and collections from the 17th century, and the royal out-of-town residence Tullgarn from the 18th century in Sörmland and Tjolöholm Manor House in Halland built at the end of the 19th century are just some of the castles and manor houses open to the public.

A visit to a castle or a country estate provides a good picture of the international influences that have characterized architecture, furnishings, and art through the centuries in Sweden, and shows what skilful craftsmen and artists we have had in this country. A castle tour also provides an insight into Swedish history. Visiting castle grounds is a must. Refreshments and a museum shop are often available at most castles.