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Destination Aalborg
Aalborg in Northern Jutland offers all the conveniences of city life while being situated in close proximity to a charming and beautiful nature.
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Destination Copenhagen and the Øresund Region
Experience the best of Denmark and Sweden: Visit for example Denmark's charming capital, Copenhagen, where you will find all the opportunities of a big city, quiet oases, and exciting restaurants, and combine this with a trip across the impressive Øresund Bridge for a visit to Skåne, which offers countless experiences.
Destination Lammefjorden
Odsherred and Lammefjorden in north-western Zealand opens up to atmospheric harbor towns, great beaches and a varied nature.
Destination Limfjorden
The Limfjorden strait is with almost 1,000 km of coastline Denmark's most extensive fjord area. The cosy town of Løgstør is situated by the fjord and it is particularly famous for its mussels.
Destination Lolland-Falster
The two islands Lolland and Falster are situated in south-eastern Denmark. A small, untouched paradise with a spectacular nature, exciting attractions and a rich cultural life.
Destination Northern Sealand
Northern Zealand is situated north of Copenhagen. The area has a great number of exciting excursion destinations, cosy towns and is surrounded by water.
Destination Bornholm
The small, rocky island of Bornholm with its cosy, small towns and beautiful nature is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Bornholm is a small world with its own pulse - and for more than 100 years, feasts and hospitality have been a natural part of Bornholm's culture.
Destination Skagen (The Skaw)
The idyllic town of Skagen is situated to the far north, far away from stress and hectic schedules, but with its own charming atmosphere and lively artists' environment.
Destination Læsø and Samsø islands
Læsø and Samsø are two distinctive islands that offer great nature, culture and culinary experiences.
Destination Fåborg
Faaborg is one of the pearls of Southern Funen where cosy streets and the harbour leave their mark on the old market town.
Ribe is full of reminders on the history of Denmark.
Destination Southern Jutland/Rømø island
The Marsh region (Marsken) and the Wadden Sea offer beautiful and unspoiled nature where more than 10 million birds and an unknown number of fish species visit every year.