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Norway – Yes please!
Gorgeous, genetically blessed Norway ranks among the upper echelons of the world’s not-to-be-missed destinations. The beauty of the rugged-beyond-repair glacier-carved fjords can silence even the most jaded travelers who’ve been wearing the “been there done that” t-shirt for years.
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Skien – The canal city and birthplace of Henrik Ibsen
Skien is the county capital of Telemark County in Norway. The city has around 50,000 inhabitants, and is beautifully situated between the two water reservoirs of Bryggevannet and Hjellevannet. The waterfront is an important part of the cityscape, which is a mixture of pedestrian streets, green areas and monumental buildings. Skien’s beautiful church with its […]
Morgedal, the birthplace of skiing
Located in West Telemark in the small town of Kviteseid, Morgedal is a small valley unspoilt by over-development, unlike many other tourist destinations. An active farming community, many people make their living farming the land here, and as such, it is a great place to experience a real piece of heartland Norway. There are approximately […]
The North Sea Road in 1-3 days
If you treasure an awesome scenic experience, the North Sea Road is not to be missed! It can take you all the way from the southern city of Kristiansand to Stavanger and north to Haugesund. The main attraction is the everchanging panorama along the way.
Christmas Onboard The Hurtigruten ships!
Try a Norwegian Christmas this year. It will do you good, and it is for sure something different. Celebrating Christmas on board a ship sailing along one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world is an experience of a lifetime.
The Sami, Scandinavia’s Aborigines
There are 3,000 people living in Karasjok. Over half of them are Sami. We were given a warm welcome when we arrived in Karasjok to look and learn.
Cross-country in the Mountains
As the shadows begin to lengthen, a stiffening breeze has me reaching for my warm woollen hat. I gather myself for the final push to the valley far below.
A Beautiful Voyage
We board the Coastal Express in Tromsø one bright-as-day July night and set course southward, towards the cod and whales of Lofoten. The world's most beautiful scenery lies ahead of us.
Northern Light Cruise in Norway
Each year the Northern Light Festival are held in January in Tromsø. In cause of that Hurtigruten arranges the Northern Light cruise for the fourth time. This year it is held at MS Trollfjord, the winter ship in the fleet of eleven ships.
Coastal Seasons in Norway
No matter what time of year you travel the natural light plays an important role, dramatising the scenery and enhancing the experience. During the winter months a quiet, atmospheric darkness prevails, penetrated by warm embers of light from navigation beacons, clusters of houses and towns along the shore. If conditions are suitable the night sky will be illuminated by the fluorescent Northern Lights dancing on their black stage.
The Total Hurtigruten Experience – Bergen to Kirkenes and back
If you choose the full round voyage, you will be on board for 11 unforgettable days. The journey starts in Bergen and takes you all the way up to Kirkenes and then back again, stopping at all 34 large and small ports of call along the route during waking hours. This is the full Hurtigruten experience where you don’t miss out on anything.
The 6 Days Experience from Bergen to Kirkenes
If an 11-day tour is too long, you can enjoy all the features of a complete round voyage while sailing for only 6 days.