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The Vasa Museum
In the early 17th century, Sweden was busy building an empire around the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. A strong navy was essential. During the 1620s Sweden was at war with Poland. In 1625 the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus ordered new warships. Among them the Vasa.
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Experience Stockholm Like a Nobel Prize Winner
Many people would love to attend the Nobel Prize festivities, but few are privileged to do so. One way to breathe in some of the Nobel aura without a formal invitation is to visit the City Hall Cellar (Stadshuskällaren), where all the historical Nobel menus, from 1901 to 2004, are served.
Stockholm – An Attractive Culinary City
During the past decade, Stockholm has become one of Europe’s most attractive culinary cities and is now at the forefront internationally both in terms of quality and creativity. This is due not least to an enormous increase in the number of culinary offerings.
Discover Sweden on a Saddle
Transporting yourself on two wheels lets you go almost as an unnoticed guest in the countryside.
Mountain Expanses for Every Hiker
The Swedish mountain regions stretch over 600 miles from Treriksröset in the north to Dalarna in the south. There is plenty of hiking for beginners and families with children, as well as for the astute, experienced mountain climber.
Experience the Wilderness by Snowmobile!
A trip across frozen lakes while the stars light the heavens and the Northern Lights flash is an overwhelming experience. An expedition in April to mountain streams that have just begun to ripple is unforgettable.
Sarek the alpine region
Europe’s largest national park – often called Western Europe’s last remaining wilderness – the hiker comes face to face with a natural beauty that is hard to match anywhere in the world.
At least, according to David Attenborough, the famous wildlife film-maker! Abisko is one of two places in Europe that qualified as such in his series ”Natural Wonders of the World”.
Castles of Sweden
Sweden has a great many castles and country estates spread throughout the country. From medieval citadels to castles constructed at the end of the 19th century under a variety of ownership forms including private, royal, state and foundation.
250 miles of sandy beaches and big, beautiful national parks. Fields of yellow rape and deep green forests. Peaceful country life and grand city vistas. Genuine industries and innovative companies. Quality of life to our citizens and vitality of life to our companies.
Kingdom of Crystal
This is the home of the world-famous Swedish glassworks -- 11 glassworks, each with its own image and its own atmosphere.
Kayaking in the Archipelago of Stockholm
We started early, taking the boat from central Stockholm to the island of Utö in the southern archipelago.