Ida Gran-Jansen


In 2019, Ida Gran-Jansen from Norway, will be introduced to the all-star cast of New Scandinavian Cooking. In each episode she integrates her passion for baking and good food.

Ida Gran-Jansen was born in Oslo, Norway in 1987.

Reality Celebrity, TV-host and Food WriterIn 2013, she was the Winner of Norway’s baking competition show, aired by TV3 Norway – “Hele Norge baker” – (The Whole of Norway Bakes)

In 2013, Ida Gran-Jansen published her debut cookbook based on her win of the baking competition show by the same name “Hele Norge baker”. Ida has since remained popular and continued to publish recipes and food articles on her blog, for which she has a keen following.

In 2017 Ida debuted her own television series “Idas fristelser” (Ida’s Delights, consisting of 40 episodes, which was an instant success,). It was aired on TV6, Norway and featured her favorite baking recipes. Followed soon after by a companion cookbook with the same name “Idas fristelser”.

In 2018 she published her third Norwegian cookbook “Kjempe godt – helt enkelt “ (Simply – Very Good), in which Ida focuses on easy to prepare meals influenced by her simple lifestyle. Her latest cookbook have gone on to be a best-seller in Norway.

Ida’s Business

Today, Ida Gran-Jansen continues her role as an influencer in the culinary scene inspiring home chefs to have fun in the kitchen. Her focus is simple to create great food every day.