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Chef Ida Gran-Jansen Ida Gran-Jansen

Ida Gran-Jansen is an influencer in the culinary scene inspiring home chefs to have fun in the kitchen.

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Guest Chef

A collection of delicious Scandinavian recipes made by our guest chefs and partners.

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Niklas Ekstedt

Chef Niklas often makes food infused with smoke or torched by fire, inspired by the idea of cooking everything over an open flame.

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Tina Nordström

Tina Nordström outstanding cooking skills have made her one of Scandinavia’s most celebrated TV stars.

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Sara La Fountain

Sara La Fountain has a passion for modernizing Finnish food, turning traditional classics into today’s trendiest dishes.

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Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer's style is very informative and your cooking skills will improve radically by following Meyer’s guiding. Enjoy!

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Andreas Viestad

Andreas uses produce from his native Scandinavia, the result is a completely new approach to cooking.

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