Christmas Onboard The Hurtigruten ships!

The Hurtigruten ships sails the whole year round, including the Christmas and are therefore a great alternative for an exiting and special celebration. People from the whole world celebrate Christmas on board our ships. This is a great opportunity to meet people and learn about their Christmas traditions as they most certainly will tell you all about, and you can tell about your tradition. On board you will learn a lot about the  Norwegian way of celebration.

From mid November until mid January the northern part of Norway, the part above the Arctic Circle, has no sun. That makes a feeling of the day going from dusk till dawn in just a couple of hours. The light in December is quite special and the northern light is normally at its best.  You can choose to spend 11 days full roundtrip, 6 days northbound roundtrip, or a shorter trip.

Welcome on board for a wonderful Chrismas experience.

*This is an ad for Hurtigruten.*