Destination Fåborg

Fåborg is idyllically situated between hills and by the sea. Fåborg harbor offers a view of the many small islands of the South Funen Archipelago On entering Fåborg, you get a feel of having travelled back in time. The town’s old, well-preserved houses and small, cosy alleyways are perfect for a stroll. During the summer months, you can join the local night watchmen when they make their evening rounds where they sing and tell local tales and stories. The Bell Tower is the town landmark and it has one of the largest bell chimes on Funen and is actually the remains of the town’s first church, St. Nicholas.

The Funen landscape holds a treasure trove of well-preserved relics from the past. No other place in Denmark is there such a profusion of manor houses and castles as on Funen. Fåborg is a perfect starting point for exploring these manor houses or the other exciting towns on Funen. Visit e.g. Steensgaard Manor House which is famous for serving delicious food prepared with fine Danish produce. Steensgaard also has its own dairy and farm shop.

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