Destination Læsø and Samsø islands

Læsø’s beautiful, unspoiled nature, the great widths, the high sky and the special light makes for a nature experience out of the ordinary. The island is very flat and therefore great for cycling. Læsø’s location in the middle of the Kattegat with coasts facing all corners of the world means that there are many unique and diverse beach areas on the island.

Østerby is the biggest harbour on the island. There are 35 local fishing boats based in the harbour. They catch the fish and lobsters served at the different restaurants of the island. Here, you can also taste one or several of the island’s many traditional regional dishes.

Samsø is located in the middle of Denmark, and on the island, you find a string of cosy villages with each their own distinctive character. When it comes to the nature, Samsø is a piece of miniaturized Denmark: Coastal stretches with steep cliffs, a hilly landscape with deep valleys and melt water pools, heaths and fertile agricultural areas and a fjord with many small islands.

One of the special characteristics of Samsø is the many colourful stalls with fruits and vegetables that you will see along the roads all over the island. Here, you can buy fresh seasonal produce for tasty meals year round. Samsø is often referred to as Denmark’s vegetable garden.

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