Destination Lammefjorden

The nature on Odsherred peninsula and around Lammefjorden fjord is rich and diverse. The gentle fjord coast with beech forests and beach meadows; the open coast which varies between beautiful, white sand beaches and harsh, high cliffs – or the quiet inlet offering beach roses and heather. This means, that you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun on the beach in the morning and get a special nature experience in the cliffs in the afternoon.

The idyllic harbour towns are spread over most of Odsherred. This is where locals and tourists meet at night, stroll along the piers with an ice cream, or look at the different sailing ships, cutters and ferries.

The mainland of Odsherred also offers a long list of exciting destinations for excursions. Dragsholm Castle is one of Denmark’s oldest secular buildings and was constructed by the bishop of Roskilde around 1215. Odsherred Zoo Animal Park has 600 different animals, and in the amusement park Sommerland Sjælland, there is plenty of fun activities – for children as well as adults.

Lammefjorden is famous for its fresh high quality produce, e.g. Grand Cru carrots. The many exciting vegetables are often an important ingredient on the local restaurants’ menus.

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