Destination Limfjorden

You will find some of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery by Limfjorden; hill lakes, magnificent heaths, deep gorges, bird protection areas and high cliffs. There are also several gorgeous beaches surrounding Limfjorden and for anglers, there are good prospects of returning home with a big catch.

Løgstør is ideally situated by the Limfjorden strait. The town, which is also known as the Town of Mussels, is a charming market town with a lively harbour, a rich artists’ environment and small, idyllic houses.

Løgstør is also the point of departure if you want to explore the many excursion destinations of Limfjorden or if you want to benefit from the area’s many fishing spots.

Gastronomically, Løgstør and the area surrounding Limfjorden are home to many exciting fish dishes. Løgstør’s annual mussel harvest celebrations and mussel festival provide ample opportunity to taste the different mussels, including oysters, which Limfjorden has to offer.

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