Destination Southern Jutland/Rømø island

The area is situated in south-western Denmark. More precisely, the Danish part of the Wadden Sea which stretches from Fanø island to the north to the town of Tønder to the south. In the middle of the Wadden Sea is the small island of Rømø. The island is famous for its spectacular and exceptionally wide white beaches and its beautiful nature. Almost 90% of the island is pure nature. Rømø has several faces depending on the season. While during summer, the island is saturated by sun and is abuzz with activities, autumn brings the roar of the sea to your ears and the taste of salt to your lips.

The areas have several exciting culinary specialities: The Marsh is famous for its delicious lamb, which has grazed on the salty dikes, and therefore, the meat has a very special flavour. On Rømø, they serve the common brown shrimp, brought in by the shrimp boats to Avneby located on the southernmost part of the island. Since the old days, Southern Jutland has been famous for its afternoon coffee table which, according to tradition, should offer seven types of hard cakes, seven kinds of soft cakes and seven kinds of cookies. Unfortunately, today’s healthy lifestyle means that the afternoon coffee table has been relegated to special occasions.

The Marsh and the Wadden Sea is an extraordinary and varied nature area. Extended meadows, a fertile seabed which is laid bare during low tide, narrow streams that winds through the Marsh, and sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. Here is one of the world’s best living areas for water birds, and it attracts millions of birds from many parts of the world. The low waters of the area also offer a natural breeding area for many of the most important Danish fish species.

Black sun is a fascinating natural phenomenon which can be experienced in the Marsh during Spring and autumn when the starlings gather in enormous migratory groups. The starlings visit from all countries around the Baltic Sea and Norway. Just before the starlings settle down for the night, the huge flocks draw fascinating patterns in the sky – this is called Black Sun.

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