Discover Sweden on a Saddle

You get really close to the aromas and images of Sweden. Being close to animals and wildlife is an integral part of the biking adventure. You get where you are going easily and safely on Sweden’s well-developed bike paths.

The part of Sweden you choose to spend your bike semester in depends on what you are looking for.

In Southern Sweden the bike paths are lined with golden fields of corn during the period March to October. The flat landscape is perfect for family bike tours. It is a short distance between farmsteads and villages and it is easy dismounting your bike and discovering other activities.

For those people who enjoy seclusion, Northern Sweden offers tranquillity and serenity. Here the family can get together and sample alternative exotic experiences of nature.

The more adventurous can try their hands at mountainbiking down Sweden’s mountain slopes, or why not test your metal in one of Sweden’s Extreme Challenge events?Why not try cycling the unorthodox way? Pedal a rail trolley along the old railway lines, it is like cycling on nature’s very own rollercoaster.

If you do not want to take your own bike and equipment with you, there are bikes of all brands available for rent at most tourist resorts. A number of resorts offer complete biking packages, where bikes, helmets, food and lodgings are included.