Highlights from the First and Second Seasons

S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 13

This is the best of New Scandinavian Cooking — our own hit list of the best cooking and locations in Norway:

Stunning Destinations
At the awe-inspiring Prekestolen, not far from Stavanger, Andreas prepares Quiche with Sardines, Lavender and cheese. Further north, in Bergen, Andreas catches wild sheep and lamb for the main course, which is Lamb and Cabbage Stew — a typical seasonal dish that is very easy to prepare, aside from catching the sheep, that is.

The Bacalao Stew is one of Norway’s biggest export successes. The spicy cod-based stew is appreciated by many peoples across the world, especially in Portugal and Brazil. Andreas prepares his version of the dish in Ålesund, the home of the Bacalao Stew.

Fishing in Svolvær and Geilo
A popular outdoor activity in Norway is of course fishing. Andreas joins some local fishermen to participate in the world cod fishing competition in Svolvær. In Geilo he goes ice-fishing for Arctic Char.

Back at the Summer Residence
At Viestad, his summer residence in the south of Norway, Andreas prepares Mussels with Aquavit and Tarragon on a beautiful summer day. The final culinary creation is made in a much more chilling environment — but fortunately ,the Svalbard Beet Soup warms the people running the hotel ship that is frozen in the ice.