Learning How to Smoke

S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 12

Mango Sardines is the first dish on the program. This is prepared on the wharf in Bergen, not far from the traditional fish market. The salty, smoked Norwegian brisling sardines go well with the sweet and slightly tart mangos, the aromatic flavors from the orange zest and some fresh shrimps as well. This is served in an ice cream cone.

Traveling on the Coastal Express
Andreas jumps onto Hurtigruten, or the coastal express, to travel north to the Arctic Circle. The boat used to be the only way to travel north. Today it is a modern cruise liner that attracts travelers from all over the world.

On the deck of the ship, with the stunning Norwegian coastline as a backdrop, Andreas prepares a Smoked Salmon Baked in Eggs with Truffle Oil. This is eggs and smoked salmon done in a new way. Instead of serving scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, the eggs are not scrambled, and the smoked salmon is within the eggs.

Preparing the Main Dishes
Upon arriving at the summer island, Andreas learns about the smoking traditions from local connoisseurs. A Smoked Pork Roast is the main dish of this episode. It is very easy to smoke your own food if you just have a grill with a lid. This is not temperature controlled smoking like the process used when smoking salmon. The meat is both baked and smoked at the same time at relatively high temperatures — and the smoke adds an interesting dimension to the dish.