My Summer Paradise

S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 04

Viestad used to be a very remote location, and it took as long as four hours to get to the nearest store by boat. Because of the tough living conditions, many people emigrated to the Promised Land in the west, including his grandfather. But he was one of the few that came back.

Living off the Land
But all that was before Andreas’ time. These days, the Viestad family spends their summers at the family home, living off the land and enjoying the long summer days.

Foods from the Surroundings
In this program, Andreas prepares foods from his farm, the sea and the forest surrounding Viestad. He even takes his small rowing boat and shows you his favorite spot for picking mussels. The first dish is a fresh Chanterelle Sandwich with Dill on Maple Syrup Rye Bread. The chanterelle mushrooms and the dill are all picked from the surrounding area and assembled on top of a slice of dark home-baked Danish rye.

Quick and Easy
According to Andreas, you should not spend too much time cooking during the summer. Preparing a meal should be quick and easy. Luckily, there are so many fresh ingredients to be found that they do not really need much preparation.

Preparing the Main Dishes

The main themes of this episode’s dinner are mussels and wild berries. The Steamed Mussels with Aquavit and Tarragon is easy to prepare. Andreas uses the fresh mussels he picked earlier that day and also finds a bottle of vintage aquavit that adds a unique flavor to the dish. For dessert, Andreas picks a few eggs straight from his henhouse and creates a Tart Mariann with Fresh Summer Berries.