Polar Berries

S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 11

This is arctic territory, only 600 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. From mid-August to the following summer the weather is very harsh. But it is the short summer and the intense midnight sun that give the berries their unique flavor. The Lyng Alps is one of the few mountain ranges in Norway that remained untouched by the glaciers during the two last ice ages.

Andreas uses the popular cloudberry to make a Cloudberry Yoghurt Refreshment. It is sweetened and topped with honey from a local bee farm that he has to collect himself.

Preparing the Main Dishes
With the stunning Lyng Alps in the background, Andreas begins by preparing a traditional layered Cream Cake with Berries, often used for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions. It is a very rich and creamy cake and it is garnished with a generous portion of fresh berries.

Berries can also be used in a savory dish like the Venison Filet with Berries. This is a simple way to let the flavor of the wonderful venison come into its own. The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper and juniper berries and served with Lingonberries, cloudberries and a simple raspberry salad.