Where Everything Smells of Apples

S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 06

A traditional desert whose name translates as “Veiled Farm Girls” is the first dish of the program. It is an incredibly easy dessert to make. While there are very few arguments about how to make the dish, there is no agreement as to how the dish got its name. The least likely and most speculative explanation is that the dish is like Norwegian girls: sweet, blonde and a bit tart.

Perfect Growing ConditionsHardanger has the perfect growing conditions for apples. There is special micro-climate surrounding the fjord making the area a few degrees warmer than just a few miles in either direction. The first apples were brought here by monks. The apple tree had a special religious significance, symbolizing paradise before the fall of man.

Making Cider
The origins of cider making are lost, but in Hardanger cider has been made since the thirteenth century. The juice is pressed out of the apples and fermented for months. It can gain an alcohol content of up to 8-10 percent.

Preparing the main dishes
Andreas begins by traveling to Folgefonna, southern Norway’s largest glacier, to get some ice to make the dessert, Apple Ice Cream with Rosemary and Honey. This is a recipe you can use even if you do not have an ice cream maker (or a glacier) — it’s just easier if you have one. The main course is Apple Glazed Duck Breast served with Apple Vegetable Stew. Andreas has marinated four duck breasts in apple cider, which are then served with apple glaze and a wonderful apple and celery root stew.