Experience the Wilderness by Snowmobile!

With all due respect to skis and snowshoes, the snowmobile gives you utterly different access to the wilderness. You can reach remote mountaintops and alpine lakes without having to be a well-conditioned athlete, stay overnight in the snow, or have several days at your disposal, and without being able to ski cross-country.

Parents pack the kids into the snowmobile sleigh and on one exciting trip get up into the mountains where the kids can ice-fish while lying happy and contented on a reindeer rug, or play to their heart’s content on the dry, soft snow. You can grill the arctic trout or your sausages over an open fire. Grandma and Granddad haven’t been this far out in the wild for a long time, but it’s a good thing they came along because they remember how to make coffee without a machine!

Snowmobiles are easy to drive: just push the button and step on the accelerator! And even if the charm for many is that of driving out towards new destinations over soft powder, the clearly marked trails have much to recommend them. Well cared-for hostels along the trails are appealing destinations.

Some people think speed is everything and blaze over the wide-open spaces. But most see the snowmobile as a way of getting out into nature, and there is plenty of room for everybody. See the starry sky out in the wilderness on a cold winter night. Or enjoy the mountains in spring and discover a colour spectrum ranging from orange and pink to pale blue and silver.

Source: www.visitsweden.com/Culinary