Hurtigruten – The Norwegian Costal Voyage

From its beginning, it was believed that tourism could be an important part of the Norwegian Coastal Voyage operations, giving people the unique opportunity to explore and experience this fjord-filled and spectacular coast line. The advent of the Norwegian Coastal Voyage meant that places such as the Lofoten Islands, the Trollfjord, and the North Cape became accessible to domestic and international travellers who wanted to experience this land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. Tourists came in the thousands, making the Norwegian Coastal Voyage one of Europe’s biggest attractions. It is also – by far – the worlds oldest running cruise line.

With 34 ports of call the Norwegian Coastal Voyage is still a lifeline along the west coast of Norway, carrying freight and cargo – still showcasing the dazzling scenery of fjords, snow-capped mountains, and farm communities tucked away in between rolling hills, as well as bustling fishing villages and picturesque towns – every day, year-round.

The fleet has changed dramatically over the years to accommodate even the most discerning travellers. Spacious suites, comfortable cabins, and a variety of elegant public areas and panoramic lounges fill the ships.

The food on board the Norwegian Coastal Voyage ships is renowned. The local traditions and the excellent supply of fresh ingredients along the route make inspired menus.

The guests on board the ships originate from all corners of the world. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from a variety of countries and cultures — and will perhaps make lifelong friends who become future traveling companions.
The route is now internationally known as “The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage.”

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