Kayaking in the Archipelago of Stockholm

For three hours we cruised through (not all but quite a few) of the 24 000 islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago. Houses to die for pass by while we sit up on deck soaking in the sun.

When we arrive at Utö, the Utö Inn, where we are staying, have arranged proper Swedish meatball sandwiches and coffee for us to take out on our adventure. Half an hour later and after some close encounters with the water, we are all safe and sound in our kayaks. Most of us had our own, but one couple opted for a double one, which put their relationship to the test!

We headed off together with a guide from ”Skärgårdsgummans kayaker”. It took a while to get the technique right, but from then on it was a powerful feeling gliding through the water. We had our lunch on one of the small islands – sharing it with some local ducks.

After two hours gliding through the Baltic, we made our way back to the islands and decided to have a beer in the bar before going to dinner.

Utö Inn has cabins, hotel rooms and a hostel to suit all purses and groupings. The Inn was voted the best restaurant in the archipelago in 2002 by Stockholmers, and it was a dream to sit down, overlooking the water smelling lilac blossoms, while sampling some of the best perch I have ever eaten. A perfect summer in a nutshell…

Source: www.visitsweden.com/Culinary