Kingdom of Crystal

You are welcome to visit the smeltries all year round, to follow the fascinating process of skilled glassblowers turning red-hot molten glass into beautiful crystal glassware and colourful works of art.
The glass shops are filled with slight seconds at extremely reasonable prices. Hand-blown glass is never exactly the same, but the glassware on the shelves still carries the quality mark of the glassworks. At the exhibitions and works museums, new and challenging designs are displayed side by side with unique collections of antique glassware.

The Kingdom of Crystal, which offers visitors a wide range of enjoy-able sights and shopping in a genuine historical setting, is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions. Glaskonst (The Art of Glass) is Sweden’s most extensive art glassware exhibition. Exhibitions will be held at all our glassworks throughout the summer. Sweden’s entire world-class art glassware design team will take part in this major art event, which opened with a collective reception on April 23-24 and continue until September 4.

Your discount card in the Kingdom of CrystalThe Kingdom of Crystal Passport is a discount card that entitles you to free guided tours and free entry to all the glassworks in the Kingdom of Crystal. The guided tours include fascinating looks into glassmaking as well as exhibition and museum visits. The card also gives you a wide range benefits including discounts at our glass shops and on our give-it-a-go sessions in glass blowing, glass engraving and glass painting. You also get a discount at our exciting hot-shop herring (hyttsill) evenings. The Kingdom of Crystal Passport costs SEK 95 and is valid for the whole year.

”Hyttsill” is a 18th century traditionA party where guests seated at long tables in the smeltry can enjoy a traditional menu, singing, music and glasses filled with foaming drinks. As well as “hyttsill” parties for the general public during the summer; we also arrange “hyttsill” evenings for companies, groups and conference organisers throughout the year.

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