LINIE – Some journeys change you forever

In 1805 the Norwegian vessel “Trondhjems Prøve” left for the East Indies with Aquavit on board as a currency for trading.  Five barrels returned unsold and when they were opened a great discovery was done; the taste had improved to excellence.  The changes in temperature and humidity as well as aromas from the casks had made the Aquavit rounder and more palatable.

Although sailing ships are now a thing of the past, Linie still crosses the equator twice. Every month fresh batches of oak barrels depart on a 19-week passage visiting more than thirty-five countries. The equator is crossed twice and it is always a ship from Wilhelmsen Lines that is used for the freight. The Aquavit, which has a 60 per cent alcohol content, is stored in oak barrels on deck in containers. During the passage, fluctuations in temperature and humidity influence the maturing process, while the constant motion of the sea swirls the aquavit round in the barrels. More than one thousand barrels of Linie are at any given time maturing as deck cargo on the world’s oceans. Each bottle of Linie Aquavit carries a description of its worldwide sailing route via Australia on the rear side of the label, stating the departure and arrival dates. And each drop of Linie harnesses memories of the sea passage.

Thus, for more than 200 years Norwegian ships have carried aquavit in sherry casks around the world. The original LINIE aquavit is the oldest existing aquavit brand in the world – still made by the original recipe from 1821.

In Norway, Linie is enjoyed during or after a good meal, traditionally with salted, cured or smoked fish and meat.  But Linie is also an excellent ingredient in drinks and cocktails, enhancing your favourite drink with an exciting spicy tinge.

Arcus is Norway’s leading supplier and producer of wines and spirits. We ensure the integrity of the Norwegian cultural heritage through the production of aquavits and other spirits from old recipes and formulae, some dating back to the early 19th century.

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