Mountain Expanses for Every Hiker

Throughout the vast mountain regions of north-west Sweden there is an abundance of trails to suit all hikers, from the confirmed city dweller encountering the wilderness for the first time to the experienced outdoor type in pursuit of spectacular challenges.

Awaiting them all are uniquely beautiful surroundings with magnificent scenery where you can enjoy the priceless luxury of total silence and tranquility, fresh, clean air, sparkling mountain streams, still lakes, panoramic views and, if you are lucky, the company of freely roaming reindeer and moose and other wild animals.

You decide how you want to enjoy your nature experience in the Swedish mountains. Those of you seeking solitude in the wilderness will maybe embark on a hiking trip with your own tent and camping equipment, but if you prefer you can hike all day and then sleep in a comfortable bed after a well-prepared dinner.

There are a number of simple mountain cabins along the Swedish hiking trails, many of which have provisions, and at trail intersections you will find mountain stations, youth hostels or hostelries, with many conveniences, where you can rest for a while before continuing your hike.

For those of you looking to witness the magical midnight sun, we recommend traveling far up north to Abisko. It is from here the magnificent, 264 miles long Kungsleden (the King’s trail) starts, Lapland’s highway for hikers. Further south you can start from Nikkaluokta and hike into the Kebnekaise range, the country’s highest alpine region. From Kebnekaise’s peak you are treated to an endless panoramic view over a mountain landscape that makes up around a tenth of Sweden’s total area! South of Kebnekaise sees the start of the Kaitum Mountains, Sarek and Padjelanta. Kaitum is famous around the world for its fantastic game fish.

Furthest south you will find the Arjeplog mountain region, including Ammarnäs and Hemavan, two beautiful mountain villages that are connected by the Kungsleden trail. Along the journey between these two villages, which takes five days, you will discover Vindel Mountain’s “Golden Gate”, an archipelago with five suspension bridges and two plank bridges. Along the entire Kungsleden trail there are strategically placed mountain cabins for overnight accommodation, food preparation and provisions, as well as two youth hostels.

In the central Swedish counties of Jämtland and Härjedalen you can leave Storulvån’s mountain station and hike along the trail to Sylarna. From the steep peak of Storsylen you can see far into Norway and virtually all of the mountain regions of Jämtland. The low mountains of Dalarna are round in appearance. From family-friendly Grövelsjön mountain station you can follow the famous Linnéstigen trail along the beautiful Lake Grövelsjön and on to the village of Sylen, where you can take the boat back to your starting point.