New Nordic Cuisine

Focus is on the various potentials in the Nordic raw produce and how to bring new life to the taste, the healthiness and the awareness of its potential. The loyalty to the authentic Nordic culinary treasures is expressed in a Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen (see excerpt below).
Claus Meyer, Danish gastronomic entrepreneur and culinary ideologist, has been a key force behind the initiative.
– We have lost knowledge and awareness of our regional cuisine and are no longer certain how to define tasteful Nordic food, Meyer says in a press release.
– There seems to be an overflow of splendid Nordic raw produce with the same gastronomic qualities as delicacies from the Mediterranean cuisine. They however do not seem to gain the same status in our culture and are therefore not priced at nearly the same level. 50 different wild berries grow in Finnish forests, but when were they ever offered for sale in Denmark? The Nordic Gene Bank has registered more the 130 different kinds of horseradish, all with different taste, but is it the right one that we grow?
Meyer runs, together with partner and head chef Rene Redzepi restaurant “noma” (short for “Nordisk Mat” meaning Nordic Food) in Copenhagen. In spring 2007 noma was awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide – only 3,5 years after opening. The same month noma is ranked as “World’s best Restaurant” in both 2010 and 2011.
Meyer has hosted more than 300 tv shows in Denmark and will be featured on New Scandinavian Cooking with a full 13-epsiode season during 2007.
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