Brusletto Hunter Premium Chef Knife


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Overall length: 31.5 cm/12,4 in
Blade length: 19 cm/7,5 in
Blade Steel: 1.4116N
Handle: Curly birch
Hardness: 58 HRC
Made in Norway

Tradition and quality since 1896

Brusletto & Co’s history goes right back to 1896 when Rognald Brusletto started as a knifesmith and a scythe maker at Geilo. Forging tools and knives was nothing new in Hallingdal. The history of mining for ore at Hardangervidda and manufacturing of sickles, scythes, axes, knives, and swords around Geilo had already started 1500 years prior to when Rognald Brusletto started the company. Geilo had been a center for the forging of tools and knives for a long time already. It was thus a very long tradition that the craftsman and industrial pioneer Rognald Brusletto entered, when he further developed the use of a mechanical hammer based on water power, and at the same time he opened up the way to technical development and industrial production that would put its stamp on the industry and the local community at Geilo for many generations.

Today Brusletto & Co AS manufacture high-quality sportsknives. Their knives are an important tool whether you are hiking, fishing, hunting, biking or skiing, and the knives are designed and made to be used. The shape of the handle and the blade differs depending on the need you, the user, want to meet and not least what fits your hand best. They use different types of handle materials and different types of steel for the blades in their knives. The steels used are high-value steels which are stamped, heat treated and hardened to optimal hardness. A Brusletto knife will retain its sharpness for a long time and at the same time being relatively easy to resharpen when necessary.

All the knives are manufactured by hand and Brusletto & Co’s  knifesmiths sort and select the material used for the knives and handcraft the knife. There are between 48-55 different hand-operations to make one Brusletto knife. This ensures that no knives are identical, but all knives are made to last and Brusletto & Co grant a lifelong warranty against manufacturing faults for all Brusletto knives. (This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, reshaping, misuse, disassembly or lack of normal maintenance.)

The best selling and best-known knife is the Brusletto Hunter and more than 1.3 million knives of this model have been manufactured and sold since this knife hit the market in 1961. Brusletto & Co are proud of their knives and their basic idea is that a knife is a companion on a trip, a tool that will help you carry out tasks both small and big.

Hunter Premium Chef

We thrive in the kitchen while preparing delicious food, or watching others doing it. That’s why Brusletto & Co knows that sharp and versatile kitchen knives are important. They make knives because they mean a lot to us and Brusletto & Co have constantly challenged knife design, developed and made knives in Geilo since 1896. Hunter Premium Chef is an exclusive line of kitchen knives where they have used the handle of Norway’s most successful and iconic knife design, the Brusletto Hunter, and designed a brand-new kitchen blade. The knife has a taper-ground blade that is silksoft polished, hand-edged and honed. The result is a beautiful kitchen knife with a firm grip and a razor-sharp edge. Hunter Premium Chef is perfect for anyone who appreciates razor-sharp and state-of-the-art kitchen knives with a lasting and beautiful design.

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