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EVERGOOD Dark Roast features a deep, strong aroma that harmonizes neatly with mild acidity and an elegant, fulsome finish. A taste experience created to be enjoyed.

EVERGOOD Dark Roast has been roasted a little more deeply than EVERGOOD Classic, and this translates into a stronger aroma and taste, with a continental touch.

Great taste and great quality are non-negotiable requirements when it comes to EVERGOOD. In EVERGOOD Dark Roast, we use high-altitude Arabica beans grown at an elevation of 1,200–2,000 meters, where the climate and soil conditions are at their finest. Coffee cultivated at this altitude ripens slowly, developing a strong, complex flavor spectrum that lays the perfect foundations for delicious taste and aroma. To produce a darker, stronger and more continental character in the taste, the roasting time for these beans is slightly longer than for those used in EVERGOOD Classic. This is what gives EVERGOOD Dark Roast such a distinctive flavor.

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