Celery Root Baked in Straw and Clay on a Campfire

S5 with Claus MeyerEPISODE 10


  • Wash the celery root well with a sponge. If there is lots of dirt on it you can peel it with a potato peeler.
  • Dry off any moisture on the celery and rub it with sea salt.
  • Wrap straw around the celery and then the clay so it is completely packed in.
  • Place the celery directly on the coals of a campfire and bake for 2-2½ hours. For an even result, turn it around a couple of times as it bakes.
  • Rake it from the coals, knock off the clay with the dull edge a large kitchen knife.
  • Remove the hay from the celery and cut it in large pieces, to be served with butter.