Crisp Flat Bread

S15 (US Season 9)EPISODE 09
Crispbread is done when completely dry and brittle.


By crushing and softening grains in water, they become softer to eat, and healthier and more digestible too (starch and proteins are broken down by enzymes in a natural process).

The crisp flat breads are fairly all purpose: In our episode from Sokna I served it with smoked inland fish, whitefish or perch, and topped it off with sour cream and a sprig of fresh dill. It works well with paté and cheese as well.

Do like this:

Set the oven to 300 F/ 150 C.

Use a mortar and pestle to crush grain and other seeds. Put it in a mixing bowl and add water to cover. Season with salt (just taste the mixture) and sprinkle with a little caraway or other spices of your own choosing.

Let the mixture swell for at half an hour. Adjust with a little more water, if necessary. The mixture should be slightly runny.

Spread the batter on a baking sheet, about 8-10 millimeters thick. Silicon baking sheets works good. It is important that the thickness is as even as possible, because if too uneven, some parts of the bread will be overcooked, and other parts too raw. One way to ensure evenness is to place a baking paper on top, roll the mixture with a rolling pin and then remove the baking paper.

Bake the flatbreads for 40-60 minutes, depending on the thickness and the degree of wetness, combined with the temperature of the oven. The crispbread is done when completely dry and brittle.