Homemade Iced Coffee

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Homemade Iced Coffee by our guest chef Ida Gran-Jansen.


This recipe is made by the Norwegian food blogger and cookbook author Ida Gran-Jansen. Ida first started her blog in 2013 and quickly became one of Norway’s leading food bloggers. She is known for her explicit cooking skills and her beautiful food photography. If you want to see more, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve made an iced coffee completely free of added sugar, so this one is definitely not sweet. Solely good coffee and good milk.

Photo by Ida Gran-Jansen.

Coffee Ice Cubes

  • Mix the coffee and boiling water in a French Press. Leave for 10 minutes before pushing the filter through.
  • Allow the coffee to cool before you pour it into ice cube molds. Put the molds into the freezer and let the ice cubes freeze.

Iced Coffee

  • To make iced coffee, mix the coffee with cold water in a French Press. It takes some time to bring out the excellent coffee flavor when you make coffee using cold water. Hence, it is suggested to mix the coffee and the water in a French Press and leave it in the fridge overnight.
  • Push the filter through, and disperse the coffee into four glasses.
  • Pour over 1 dl milk in each glass.
  • Add the coffee ice cubes, and enjoy!

You may purchase filter coffee suitable for this recipe directly from our webshop.

*This recipe was originally an ad for Joh. Johannson Kaffe AS, the producer of Evergood coffee.*