Mixed-grains Porridge

S15 (US Season 9)EPISODE 08
As it happens, a mixed grain porridge makes a tasteful and nice meal!


Savalen is located far north and high up in the mountains, an area that is marginal for growing grains. Slow-growing grains bring lower yields, and is risky business for the farmer to cultivate. Some years the growing season is just too short, wet or dry for the grains to mature for harvest! One solution for safe-guarding is to grow different sorts of grain together, most often a mix of wheat and barley: Most often at least one of them will develop into harvestable crop, maybe both.

Do like this:

Soak the grain in water overnight. Remove out excess water.

Pour grains into a saucepan with thick bottom. Add milk and salt and boil while constantly stirring the pan. Use a wooden spoon, and relatively low heat. Be careful to prevent the porridge to boil over or burn in the bottom of the pan!

Let it simmer gently until the porridge thickens, it will take a little less than an hour. Regularly stir the kettle.

Adjust the consistency with more milk or some water, if necessary.

Serve with butter, sugar and caramelized cream.