Norwegian Taco

S12 (US Season 6)EPISODE 03
Mjukbrød and morr are traditional foods in the regions Lesja and Dovre. It consists of a tortilla-like soft flatbread made with barley, meat, and veggies. Doesn’t that sound a lot like a taco?


  • Sear the meat in butter in a frying pan over medium to high heat, preferably in batches to avoid overcooking it.
  • Add onions and spices to the meat in the frying pan.
  • Reduce the heat to medium and cook all the meat and onion for about two hours.
  • Stir regularly.
  • Season with malt vinegar, mushrooms, honey, salt, and pepper.
  • Mix cabbage, leek, and parsley in a bowl.
  • Arrange the meat on the tortilla or flatbread with salad and sour cream.
  • Roll up and serve.