Open Face Sandwich with Hot Smoked Trout

S15 (US Season 9)EPISODE 04
Smoked fish is often served on open face sandwiches. If you cannot find trout, you can also use mackerel, herring, kippers or salmon.


On our show from Geilo in the mountains in Eastern Norway we went ice fishing. I smoked the fish over an open fire, simply by placing the fish on the fire on top of a couple of juniper branches and then smothering the fire with a lot of juniper and spruce branches and a fire blanket. After 10 minutes and a lot of smoke later the fish was perfect.

Cut the cucumber lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds inside. Mix these seeds with sour cream and half the dill.

Cut the rest of the cucumber into thin slices, mix with vinegar and a sprinkle of sugar and salt.

Toast the bread.

Add cucumber, sour cream, and fish. Season with a little salt and the rest of the dill.