Salad with Lettuce Dressing

S15 (US Season 9)EPISODE 03
How to make a real salady flavored salad.  


What is the problem with most salads? They are mostly about the dressing, like the Ceasar salad. Or the stuff that goes with a salad: feta cheese or chicken breast.

-But what about the green leaves? When we visited a big salad producer in Eastern Norway, we were surrounded by the most amazing greens possible, and I wanted to make the most of them, so I used all the offcuts (you know, the hard stem, and the outer leaves that we tend to throw away) to make a dressing, with a real salady flavor.

Rinse the lettuce and radicchio in ice water. Dry in a salad spinner.

Tear the lettuce and radicchio apart, set aside the inner stem and the outer leaves (the ones that don’t look too great, but are still fine).

Juice the off-cuts in a juicer. Mix with mustard, whisk in oil a little by little until you have a creamy texture, or shake in a jar to mix.

Combine leaves and dressing. Season with salt. Decorate with edible flowers.