Sea Urchin Tacos with Mahogany Clams

S14 (US Season 8)EPISODE 08


  • Slice thin pieces of salmon into sashimi.
  • Open the sea urchins using a thick knife to break the shell and use scissors all around the urchin’s mouth to open. Pour out the water and guts. Rinse the urchin roe in ice water.
  • Open the mahogany clams. The big muscle is on the bottom right. Use a thin blade to cut it out. Protect your hands with a towel while doing this. Clean out the guts and rinse the muscle in ice water, then slice it into thin pieces. Save the shell to use as a serving plate.
  • Pick out eight nice cabbage leaves and brush them with butter and salt before you put hem on the fire. Keep a close eye on them. They only need a few seconds to get done.
  • Chop the chives finely.
  • Arrange the salmon sashimi on the cabbage with sea urchin roe, and top it with chopped chives and a pinch of salt. For a cool display serve the sashimi in the mahogany shell.