Stockfish-Cakes with Kale and Red Beet Salad

S14 (US Season 8)EPISODE 02
The dish is easy and quick to prepare, and is perfect as a starter.



  • Soak the tørrfisk/stockfish in fresh water for at least 24 hours
  • Cook potatoes soft in salty water
  • Chop the fish in finely pieces
  • Peel potatoes and mash with fish and egg yolk
  • Add flour to smooth paste so the batter is formable and season with salt
  • Using two spoons shape the batter in quenelles and cover with bread crumbs
  • Pan fry in butter over medium heat on 3 sides for apx 2-3 minutes on each side
  • Clean kale and red beets in fresh water and cut in to fine stripes
  • Serve the fish-cakes on top of kale and beat salad. Finish off with a couple spoons of butter from the pan