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S Guest Chefs EPISODE 00
Guest Chef Homemade Iced Coffee
Homemade Iced Coffee by our guest chef Ida Gran-Jansen.
Cold drink
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 05
Guest Chef Evergood Cold Brew
Cold brew coffee is the latest trend in coffee brewing – have you tried it yet? Here’s a simple recipe – for preparation in a cafetière. Don’t forget: it takes a while because the coffee needs plenty of brewing time to release all aspects of the taste as it is brewed using cold water.
Cold drink
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 05
Guest Chef Affogato
Ice cream always tastes great – regardless of the weather! Ice cream and coffee always make the perfect match, and directly mixing the two inevitably produces an irresistible drink – or dessert – depending on who you ask. Like many other great culinary creations, the Affogato originally comes from Italy. Somewhat dramatically, Affogato means “drowned”; […]
Cold drink
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 07
Niklas Ekstedt Green Vegetable Juice
If you want to make a juice there are really no rules to what you can and can’t mix. Try out what’s in your fridge and find your favorite. Just make sure you have a good machine that makes the most of your fruit and veg. Rinse all vegetables in cold water. Run through a […]
Cold drink
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 02
Andreas Viestad Bloody Beet Martini
A bloody marriage between Mary and Martini - with a beet as the bridesmaid. A really cool thing with this drink is that you get a fun, pinkish foam on top of the drinks. I am not quite sure why but it might have something to do with the pectin in the skin of the tomato.
Cold drink
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 05
Claus Meyer Strawberries in Strawberry Wine
Rinse the strawberries and remove the stems, let the water drip free. Cut the berries into quarters and marinate them in wine, honey, and chopped mint. Let them soak the solution 20-30 minutes. Pour off the marinade into a pot. Boil and reduce it until it becomes a thick syrup. Cool it a bit before […]
Cold drink
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 12
Claus Meyer Drink with Siku-Vodka, Black Crowberries, Norwegian Angelica, Honey and Glacial
Place the vodka, black crowberries, honey and angelica into a cocktail shaker and shake for about a minute. Crush the ice and put it into four glasses. Pour in the drink.
Cold drink
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 07
Andreas Viestad Almond Brittle Ice Cream
Ice cream is wonderful way to end a meal – or simply a great way to give in for sweet craving.
Cold drink
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 10
Andreas Viestad Mock Aquavit and Spiced Spirits
Making aquavit this way is a really fun way to experiment with aromas. If you have the time and patience to wait for a couple of weeks - you will be rewarded.
Cold drink
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 10
Andreas Viestad Stylish Blueberry Cocktail
When Sverre Braastad went from Potato Land to Grape Land, he brought with him a little piece of Norway. As an aperitif to our adventure in Sverre'€™s footsteps, I made a fresh and stylish cocktail outside his family farm in Gjøvik, using locally grown blueberries and potato liquor - vodka.
Cold drink
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 08
Claus Meyer Apple Punch
Bring all the ingredients (except the spirits) to a boil. As soon as a boil is achieved, remove from heat for 5-10 minutes. Add the liquor or dark rum. The punch can be enjoyed hot, or cold over ice cubes in a glass as a welcoming drink for guests.
Cold drink
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 10
Claus Meyer Carrot Drink with Rowanberries and Apple
This drink makes a great start on the day. It will cheer you up if the weather’s bad.
Cold drink