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S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 01
Andreas Viestad Wild Herb Salad with Duck Eggs and Wild Garlic Oil
Try this simple but delicious dish by Andreas Viestad.
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 11
Tina Nordström Open Omelet with Broccoli, Jarlsberg Cheese and Horseradish
Open omelets are beautiful, and you can use all kinds of ingredients. Jarlsberg cheese is sweet and nutty. It takes three years to bring out all these distinct flavors in the cheese. Be sure to buy a cheese with flavor. There are just too many bland cheeses on the market.
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 07
Tina Nordström Gubbröra Mixture
Chop the eggs and potatoes and mix them together with the remaining Gubbröra mixture ingredients. Season with black pepper and dill.