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S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 03
Andreas Viestad Sekkjepåse – Norwegian Gnocchi
Sekkjepåse is a local dish from the valley of Romsdalen and can be traced back to the 1700s. It was served during special occasions on the farms in the region. It contains three main ingredients: potato, onion, and dried meat. All finely grated and mixed into a loose dough, which is packed into a cheesecloth to prevent the mixture from collapsing during the cooking process. The name Sekkjepåse derives from the cloth, which acts as a sack during the cooking process.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 07
Andreas Viestad Venison Pâté with Mushrooms and Shallots
Most people think pâtés are really difficult to make. I will prove them wrong. It's really nothing more to it than mixing the ingredients (have your butcher grind everything for you) and, perhaps most importantly, adding something sweet. My pâtés are quite rustic, as I don'€™t mince all the ingredients. I like the rough consistency and taste. If you want a finer pâté, you can grind the liver as well.
S 7 (US season 1) EPISODE 03
Andreas Viestad Homemade Yoghurt
The yogurt can be served as is, with fruit, honey, nuts or the like – or be used as a basis for your own homemade cheese.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 09
Claus Meyer Roulade Sausage
Peel and chop the onion and garlic finely. Rinse the parsley in cold water and let it drip dry. Cut it coursely and mix with the onion and garlic. Pound the pork with a tenderizer. Distribute the onion-garlic mixture evenly onto the meat. Season with salt and pepper. Then roll the meat up into a […]
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 09
Andreas Viestad Home-Made Pickled Beets
Even the smallest should have a little consistency. Beets should be tender but not mushy, al dente but not raw.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 10
Claus Meyer Celery Root Baked in Straw and Clay on a Campfire
Wash the celery root well with a sponge. If there is lots of dirt on it you can peel it with a potato peeler. Dry off any moisture on the celery and rub it with sea salt. Wrap straw around the celery and then the clay so it is completely packed in. Place the celery […]
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 07
Claus Meyer ’Otto’ on Barley from Skjåk
Sæterrømme is a special rich type of rich Norwegian sour cream, traditionally made at mountain farms. It is akin to crème fraîche so outside of Norway this can serve as a substitute.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 10
Andreas Viestad Cognac Beurre Chantilly
This is an ingenious way to make butter light and airy, an invention of my friend Hervé This, one of the founders of molecular gastronomy. Makes a whole lot of wonderfully airy butter. Can be frozen.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 07
Claus Meyer Cloudberry Chutney
This chutney can be adjusted with sugar and vinegar, depending on what sort of game or fowl (grouse in this case) it is served with. It should tend to be more acidic with game and sweeter with cheese.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 09
Claus Meyer Veal Liver Paté with Pickled Beets
A Danish classic - fresh-baked liver paté. It is perfect for a snack sandwich with pickled beetroot.
Andreas Viestad Flatbread and Lefse Canapés
The traditional Norwegian flatbreads used to be a part of everyday peasant food but they can also be used to make wonderful canapés. All these flatbread canapés are really simple to make. You basically just add the ingredients to the flatbread. It is always fun to experiment with new combinations and I will highly encourage you to invent new and interesting canapés. These canapés are some of my favorites.
S 3 with Tina Nordström EPISODE 07