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S 15 (US Season 9) EPISODE 03
Andreas Viestad Salad with Lettuce Dressing
How to make a real salady flavored salad.  
S 14 (US Season 8) EPISODE 07
Niklas Ekstedt Brussels Sprouts Salad with Apple & Roasted Hazelnuts
Top the sprouts salad with a thinly sliced apple, dressing and grated, roasted hazelnuts.
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 05
Andreas Viestad Norwegian Chopped Salad
I have always loved the chopped salads of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. But when the Norwegian vegetables are at their best in early autumn, I try to make a northern version with typical Norwegian vegetables and herbs, like cauliflower, kohlrabi, fennel, dill and mustard.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 04
Andreas Viestad Shocking Pink Potato and Herring Salad
This salad brings out the best in two simple ingredients that have has tremendous importance in the traditional Norwegian kitchen: potatoes and herring. With the shockingly colored beet, it is transformed into a visual explosion of color, with a hint of sweetness.
S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 03
Andreas Viestad Red Potato Salad
This is one of my favorite potato salads. The name may seem a bit confusing, since the only red thing in the salad is the red onion. The name derives from Marit Røed (Røed is Norwegian for red), who came up with the recipe, after whom the salad is named.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 01
Claus Meyer Oxheart Cabbage Salad with Sheep’s Feta and Cider Vinegar
Finely slice the cabbage and rinse it in cold water. Let it drip dry in a colander. Peel the shallot and finely cut it. Place the cabbage in a bowl and mix with white wine and vinegar. Put the cabbage aside so that it can absorb the taste of the solution (toss it a couple […]
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 09
Andreas Viestad Bittersweet Mackerel Salad
Combine vinegar, oil, mustard and sugar to make a dressing. Mix well with salad. Add salad to plates and place mackerel fillet on top. Add orange, red hot chili pepper and chives, and serve.
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 13
Andreas Viestad Salade Stavangeroise
This is a southwest coast Norwegian interpretation of the famous Salade Nicoise, made with brisling sardines instead of anchovies and tuna.
S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 05
Andreas Viestad Potato Salad with Herbs and Herring
While the potatoes are still hot, mix potatoes, garlic, herbs, string beans, oil, lemon juice and zest. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Add more oil and lemon juice to taste. Season with salt and pepper. Add the herring and the bowl. Mix it all well together.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 01
Claus Meyer Turnips with Ground Elder (Goutweed, Aegopodium Podagraria) and Elderberry Flower
Peel and dice the turnips into large cubes. Heat a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the turnips and let them boil for 1-2 minutes until tender. Remove the turnips, and season them, while they are still warm, with the vinegar, rapeseed oil, mustard, salt, and pepper. Rinse the parsley and ground elder, […]
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 01
Claus Meyer Salad with Boiled Lamb, Prawns, Radishes, Salicornia and Toasted Bread
Thin slices of warm lamb goes perfect to this crispy salad.
S 2 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 10
Andreas Viestad Fresh Asparagus and Cucumber Salad
Place the cucumber, spring onion and asparagus in a bowl. Add tarragon and freshly ground pepper, salt and olive oil. Squeeze one whole lemon over the salad and mix well.