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S 15 (US Season 9) EPISODE 07
Andreas Viestad Duck soup
By boiling soup on the carcass of the wild duck, all of the game is utilized.
Chicken and other poultry
S 15 (US Season 9) EPISODE 10
Ida Gran-Jansen Fish Soup with Trout and Shellfish
The roughness of this dish matches the robust coastal landscape in Øygarden on the west coast of Norway.
S Guest Chefs EPISODE 00
Guest Chef Norwegian Meaty Vegetable Soup
Norwegian Meaty Vegetable Soup with sausages, meat, and thyme.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 02
Andreas Viestad Green and Yellow Pea Soup with Salted Pork Knuckle
In this dish I combine great patience with impatience, making one soup that takes five minutes and another that takes twelve hours. By serving them together they give both the freshness and the richness you don’t get in a regular homogenous pea soup. But by all means: Feel free to make just one.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 01
Andreas Viestad Colorful Carrot Soup with Orange and Fresh Ginger
This is the soup I made in the lighthouse on the island on Fedje. It is easy to make, and it adds color and fresh taste to otherwise grey days.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 06
Andreas Viestad Cream of Mushroom with Lingonberry Preserves and Parsley Oil
Here I utilize the stock from dried mushrooms, making a soup so rich you could easily think it was a meat stock.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 03
Andreas Viestad Refreshing and Strengthening Vegetable Soup
This soup is health in a glass. It’s so full of vitamins and proteins it’s amazing it still tastes as good as it does. As I have eggs from my own hens, I serve this soup with a raw egg yolk on top. You can alternatively use a poached egg instead.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 08
Andreas Viestad Nettle and Spinach Soup with Smoked Mountain Trout
Nettles and spinach are so healthy you can almost taste the rich healthy flavor. Despite their richness on nutrition, nettles are not common in cooking. If you have them in the garden, this is a fine way to get rid of them. Use gloves! Alternatively, use spinach only.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 07
Andreas Viestad Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
When autumn arrives and the days are getting shorter in Norway, my body is aching for soup. But as summer laziness still murmurs in me, I don’t want to go into the long-lasting projects. This soup is easy to make, and tastes wonderfully rich.
S 4 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 08
Andreas Viestad “Burn Your Snout” – Slow-Cooked Beef Stew
This is great food. The clear stock is by itself a tremendous soup, and the meat, so tender it falls apart, is a natural response to the gravest of cravings.
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 05
Andreas Viestad Svalbard Beet Soup
The Russians are famous for their beet soup borscht. This is a new interpretation, using goose stock.
S 5 with Claus Meyer EPISODE 09
Claus Meyer Vegetarian Soup with Beer and Poached Eggs
Clean and peel all the vegetables and cut them in small pieces. Heat the rapeweed oil in a pot. Sautee the garlic, thyme, and rosemary a little, but not enough to discolor it. Then add all the vegetables and sautee. When the vegetables have softened up a little, add the beer and broth or water […]