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S 15 (US Season 9) EPISODE 10
Ida Gran-Jansen Fish Soup with Trout and Shellfish
The roughness of this dish matches the robust coastal landscape in Øygarden on the west coast of Norway.
S 7 (US season 1) EPISODE 02
Andreas Viestad Hunter Stew with Champagne and Morels
On New Scandinavian Cooking, we used beaver meat for this dish. You may equally well use venison or mutton. It is rather extravagant to use real champagne in cooking. The advantage is that one only uses a little for the pot, and the cook (and guests) get to drink the rest. You can also use a cheaper sparkling wine or just a dry white wine.
S 7 (US season 1) EPISODE 10
Andreas Viestad Hunter Stew with Goat Cheese and Lingonberries
A rich game dish that can also be made with lamb or beef. The most important is to use tough and flavourful meat and cook it for a long time.
S 7 (US season 1) EPISODE 06
Andreas Viestad Lamb Stew with Mustard, Leek and Rutabaga
Easy, lovely and fun to cook. Enjoy.
S 1 with Andreas Viestad EPISODE 02
Andreas Viestad Lamb and Cabbage Stew
If such a thing as a Norwegian national dish exists -- the Lamb and Cabbage Stew must be it. The stew is easy to make. The most important ingredient is time.
S 3 with Tina Nordström EPISODE 07
Tina Nordström Hearty Hunter’s Stew
Brown the meat in butter and oil. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside. Slice the potatoes, parsnips, carrots, onions, and garlic, and brown the vegetables together with the mushrooms. Add the meat. Add the beer, and cover the rest of the stew with water. Add the stock cube and make sure it dissolves completely. […]
S 3 with Tina Nordström EPISODE 09
Tina Nordström Wild Boar Stew with Anis and Cinnamon-candied Root Vegetables
What is really nice about this dish is that all the vitamins and minerals stay in the pot. And I guarantee that it makes fantastic bullion! Personally, I think that potatoes are not necessary since the stew already contains the root vegetables. It can sometimes become a habit to serve potatoes with everything. As for me, I wouldn't do it, especially not in this case.
S 6 (Perfect Day with all chefs) EPISODE 02
Sara La Fountain Kalevala Stew
Kalevala Stew by Sara.
S 6 (Perfect Day with all chefs) EPISODE 13
Tina Nordström Lamb Stew in Dill Sauce
Delicious lamb stew in dill sauce, by Tina.
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 04
Andreas Viestad Seafood in Lamb Stock
If you carefully cook Norway lobster and redfish (or other fish) in lamb stock, the seafood will acquire a cautious taste of the generous stock.
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 02
Andreas Viestad Hearty Beef Stew with Beer and Rye Bread
This hearty stew was inspired by a visit on a cattle farm in Oppdal in Mid-Norway. The technique is simple and quite ingenious: You get browning and slow-cooking in one process.