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Season 10 (US season 4)

A season packed with delicious Scandinavian cooking by our super chef Andreas Viestad.

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S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 10
The Northern Way
Andreas investigates historical food from two of Norway’s former capitals, Trondheim in Mid-Norway and Bergen on the West Coast.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 9
Milk and Chocolate of the North
Nobody eats more chocolate than Norwegians, especially during winter. We start out with a warming hot chocolate with saffron and orange cream in the middle of a winter-dressed Oslo. Then we travel to St. Lucia in the West Indies to discover the origins of cocoa. Back in Oslo, Andreas cooks halibut with cocoa butter, and then makes a mouth-watering dessert, dark chocolate cake and whipped milk chocolate with Crème Fraiche ice cream.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 8
The Smokehouse
In today’s episode, Andreas visits the smokehouses of Western Norway. Smoke was originally used as a preservative, but this tradition brought with it the benefit of great flavor as well. Andreas combines salted and smoked lamb with three different, fresh-tasting dips. Then he makes a quick-cured lamb and trout starter with smoked apple. For the main course, Andreas does his take on a traditional lamb meal, honey glazed and served with a crisp cabbage salad and vanilla-infused rutabaga purée.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 7
Mountain Lamb
Andreas visits the mountain of Hallingskarvet and the beautiful valley of Hemsedal, where the lambs roam the hilly landscape for months during summer. Andreas cooks with the aromatic and gamey meat, first by preparing a lamb carpaccio, then a flavorful lamb burger. For the main course, he serves slow-cooked lamb belly and lamb sirloin served rarely.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 6
The Grain Belt of the Country
Andreas visits Nes in Eastern Norway, the grain belt of the country. Cereals are a staple food in Scandinavia, and they are used for more than just bread. Andreas makes slow-cooked pig knuckle with malty, beer-flavored peas and spelt. Inland fishing is popular, and Andreas makes a salad of sprouting grains and pan-fried zander fish. He also makes a malt shake, and for the main course, an oven-baked pork roast.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 5
Mighty Volcanic Oven
Andreas visits hot spots around Iceland, where he grills lamb on a volcano and cooks salmon and vegetables in a secluded geyser. The heat is also used to make artisanal salt. Andreas makes salt-baked, herb-infused trout.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 4
Back to The Roots
Like the Vikings, Andreas travels west to Iceland – the Norse settlement in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He combines the sea and the land to create an elegant surf and turf dish, redfish and langoustines cooked in lamb stock.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 3
Close to Home
Weeds and beef are on the menu as Andreas takes us to his farm in Southern Norway. He goes looking for wild herbs with the world’s foremost forager Miles Irving from Great Britain and uses beef from local farmers to create dishes such as Wild Norwegian Carpaccio, Grilled Sirloin with Forest Salad, and Sunday Roast with Oxtail Sauce.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 2
The Sweetest Cheese
Andreas visits the valley of Gudbrandsdalen in the heart of Norway, home to the brown fudge cheese. The caramel-like cheese is a unique delicacy and a versatile cooking ingredient. Andreas combines it with roasted young goat and a sweet caramel ice cream.
Andreas Viestad
S 10 (US season 4) EPISODE 1
Packed to Go
A packed lunch is an important part of Scandinavian food traditions. And it is taken just as seriously as a dinner. In this episode, Andreas shares his favorite bread recipe and shows you how to make a healthy liver paté and a delicious honey crusted ham. In addition, Chef Esben Holmboe Bang from one of the best restaurants in Oslo, Maaemo, shares great advice on wild herbs.
Andreas Viestad

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