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Season 11 (US season 5)

Meet our new chef Tina Nordström! Tina’s warm smile, outgoing personality, and outstanding cooking skills have made her one of Scandinavia’s most celebrated TV stars. In this season, Andreas Viestad and Tina Nordström will be showing us some proper Scandinavian cooking.

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S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 13
Tina’s French Pantry
Tina travels to France and combines Scandinavian and French ingredients to make mouthwatering seafood dishes, including oysters and mussels with herbs and cognac and Norwegian salmon with warm grapes and crown dill.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 12
Drama on a Plate
Andreas takes us to the port town of Skien in Eastern Norway, which is the hometown of Norway’s most important playwright, Henrik Ibsen. To honor this, Andreas makes herring salad and a dessert made with buttermilk. For the main course, he prepares a tasty dish of wild duck cooked over an open fire and served with seasonal vegetables.
Andreas Viestad
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 11
Farmer’s Food
Tina visits Moss and the nearby islands, a rich agricultural region in Eastern Norway. She makes an open omelet with broccoli, cheese, and horseradish. Tina also prepares a chicken with parsnip and herb dumplings, and for a very special main course, she makes glazed pigeon breast.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 10
Mountain Riches
Tina is back in the heart of Norway, in the mountain region of Valdres. She makes fried fudge cheese with cloudberries and parsley, and as the main dish, she prepares creamy chanterelles with cured mutton and lingonberries. For dessert, Tina makes a thick pancake with cognac raisins.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 9
Bergen Food Renaissance
Andreas visits Bergen in Western Norway to present the city’s food culture.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 8
Hiker’s Food
In this episode, Tina visits Gamlestølen in the mountainous heartland of Norway. While there, she prepares baked trout with herbs wrapped in cured ham, grilled sirloin with vinegar butter and burnt lemon, and mutton sausages with mustard-marinated potatoes.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 7
Fisherman’s Harbor
In the fishing port and holiday resort town of Smögen in Southwestern Sweden, Tina visits the local fish auction and fishes for langoustines before making a sandwich with herring. Tina also serves a variety of smoked seafood, lightly heated over the grill. For dessert, she makes strawberries with breadcrumbs with a sweet mint sour cream.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 6
Summer on a Plate
In the Eastern Norway seaport of Hvaler, Andreas makes several coastal delicacies, including blue mussels grilled with fresh herbs and flatfish in a nutty butter sauce. As the main course, Andreas oven-roasts a chicken and tops off the meal with a milkshake with the season’s first strawberries.
Andreas Viestad
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 4
An Edible Park
Andreas and Finnish co-host Sara La Fountain visit Frogner Park in downtown Oslo. Here, Andreas gathers edible herbs and flowers, and with them makes homemade ice cream flavored with rose petals and a Norwegian-style bruschetta with a wild-herb pesto. Both Andreas and Sara mix a special drink and prepare festival food — a hearty hamburger and sausages.
Sara La Fountain Andreas Viestad
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 4
The Taste of Trees
Andreas visits Hedmark in Eastern Norway, a region with large farms, abundant food, and vast forests. Andreas cooks over an open fire to infuse the dish with a smoky flavor, before whipping up sweet, apple-flavored pork chops with potato salad. For the main course, Andreas prepares hot-smoked pork glazed with a rich, homemade birch syrup.
Andreas Viestad
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 3
Land of Fish and Apples
Tina visits Hardanger, the fjord valley known as Norway’s orchard. In spring, the valley provides an abundance of wild herbs and edible flowers. High atop a glacier, Tina makes a Norwegian drink and serves it with local fjord trout.
Tina Nordström
S 11 (US season 5) EPISODE 2
Fish on a Platter
Tina visits Southern Trøndelag and the windswept islands of Hitra and Frøya, where the Norwegian Sea offers crystal clear water and a variety of shellfish and farmed salmon. Tina cooks crab and Norwegian lobster on the grill before she dives for scallops and prepares a tasty dish featuring these delicacies. For the main course, Tina grills salmon over an open fire.
Tina Nordström

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