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Season 12 (US Season 6)

A new season with our chef Andreas Viestad. Andreas is one of Norway’s most famous TV-chefs and a respected food writer. He brings something different to the table – a unique combination of culinary and cultural expertise. He stands apart from many of the other chefs that you see on TV in the sense that cooking with Andreas is not only about the how-to of cooking. It is also a rich learning experience regarding the traditions, culture, and lifestyle of both the old and modern-day Norway.

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S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 9
Happy Holiday Food
In this episode, Andreas makes a real Scandinavian Christmas feast and shares all his favorite Norwegian recipes of the season. He serves mulled wine with almonds and raisins, pressed pork and delicious crusted ham before he makes traditional roast duck and a Norwegian dessert barley cream with red berry sauce.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 8
A Whole Salmon
In this episode, Andreas takes us to the island of Skrova in Northern Norway. The villages along the coast rely on fishing, and today traditional fishing coexists with modern aquaculture. Andreas shows how to make his favorite salmon dish using a whole fish before he discloses his secret family waffle recipe.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 7
Food for a Polar Expedition
In today’s episode, Andreas goes on a polar expedition onboard Hurtigruten and travels north along the beautiful and icy coastline of Norway. He visits the mountains of Northern Norway, where he cooks king crab, fit for activities and fun in the snow. The journey continues to the northeast of the country and ends in Kirkenes, with a perfect hot chocolate at the Snow Hotel.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 6
Northern Sea Passage
In this episode, Andreas investigates what the sea and land can offer, while traveling north on the Norwegian Coastal Express.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 5
Eat Like the Vikings
Like the Vikings, Andreas travels by boat to visit the islands of Lofoten, where he prepares a traditional cod dish. He also visits a historical important Norse settlement in the high north, and inside a replica of a thousand-year-old house, he makes roast beef ribs over an open fire, Viking style. Barley is the grain of the north, so Andreas makes a Norwegian barley and beetroot risotto with local goat cheese.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 4
A Journey to the North
In this episode, Andreas travels north across the Arctic Circle on the train from Trondheim to Bodø. He goes fishing in the Queen of Rivers, Namsen and grills the salmon on a riverbank, on the highlands of the north Andreas makes reindeer meatballs, and in Bodø where the landscape becomes lusher and greener again, Andreas fries a piece of Arctic beef – fit for a feast.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 3
Norwegian Versions of Classic Recipes
Is taco originally from Norway? And gnocchi? How about American pancakes? As Andreas travels through Norway’s biggest national park and the beautiful Gudbrand’s valley in Western Norway he investigates traditional recipes that are deceptively similar to classic Mexican, Italian and American dishes, and just as tasty.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 2
A Traveller’s Bite
In today’s episode, Andreas travels by train through different climates and the mountainous heart of Norway, between Bergen and Oslo.
Andreas Viestad
S 12 (US Season 6) EPISODE 1
Pale Fish
In this episode, Andreas visits the small community of Bulandet, a group of wind-blown islands in Western Norway. He goes fishing after saithe, summers most delicious fish. Andreas also gathers kelp, which becomes the base for a tasty stock. On a green pasture, he grills some of a juicy and tender beef, from a local farm, a simple yet rich dish served with wild herbs.
Andreas Viestad

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