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Season 13 (US Season 7)

Host Andreas Viestad is back with six new episodes of New Scandinavian Cooking. Andreas is not only a chef but also a great storyteller, and his inspiring cooking is fusing history, culture, and nature.
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S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 6
Historical Garden
Some of Scandinavia’s grandest farms can be found around Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. In today’s episode, Andreas visits one of them, Hovelsrud, where he combines innovation, tradition and world-class vegetables. He uses fresh herbs to make an egg-free mayonnaise, combines baked rutabaga and local vendace roe, and makes scones with yellow and red beets. For the main course, he makes a potato crusted beef fillet with herbs from the beautiful garden.
Andreas Viestad
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 5
Arctic Food
In today’s episode, Andreas visits Spitsbergen, the Norwegian settlement at 78 degrees north. In spite of the perpetual cold, and barren surroundings, the area is home to some of the world’s richest fisheries.
Andreas Viestad
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 4
Plenty of Foods
In today’s episode, Andreas investigates the great variety of inland Norway, the most productive farmland in the country.
Andreas Viestad
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 3
Innovative and Old Fashioned
The UNESCO-listed mountain town of Røros is the backdrop for today’s episode, where Andreas investigates how this isolated town has become a culinary attraction. He makes crispy sour cream waffles, homemade cloudberry ice cream, and he learns the secret behind the local fermented sausage. For the main course, he serves Norwegian meatballs in a delicious gravy, with potatoes and lingonberries.
Andreas Viestad
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 2
Very Local Stews
In today’s episode, Andreas travels southwards from Trondheim to Oslo, and the first stop is Oppdal in the breadbasket of Mid-Norway, where he prepares a beef stew with rye bread and beer.
Andreas Viestad
S 13 (US Season 7) EPISODE 1
New Nordic Cuisine
In this episode, Andreas embarks on a culinary journey, looking for the source of the new Nordic food revolution. The journey begins in Oslo, at Norway’s best restaurant, Maaemo. He goes fishing for langoustines and foraging for wild herbs. On board the train again Andreas invites for a herring tartar and on arrival in Stavanger he visits Tango Bar and Kitchen for a modern herring feast.
Andreas Viestad

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